I was chosen to lead a team of American Advertising Federation (AAF) at Illinois general members consisting of mostly freshmen and sophomores in creating a Thanksgiving campaign for the organization. 


Challenge: Create a campaign that shows how thankful AAF and its members in honor for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Insight: People have a difficult time saying thank you due to various reasons.

Solution: A campaign that shows members that the simple act of saying thank you shouldn't be hard.


  • 2,151 video views
  • 11,848 impressions


Project Manager: Daniel Stillman 

Group Members: Annie Keller, Nicolette Simmons, Claire Witkovich, Brant Fisher, Cory Van Duyne, Casey Van Duyne


Guerrilla Marketing

The team printed 350 business cards to hand out to its members for them to write on and give to people who they're thankful for.


The front of the business card.

The front of the business card.

Back of the business card. 

Back of the business card. 

Social Media

We invited AAF members to tell us who they're thankful for within the organization and in their own lives and created social posts out of their responses.


We interviewed a few executive board members about who and what they're thankful for in the following teasers and video.


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