National Student Advertising Competition Snapple Campaign

During the 2015-2016 school year, I was chosen to be a copywriter for the school's American Advertising Federation National Student Advertising Competition Team. We were tasked to create a plansbook and an integrated marketing campaign that increased Snapple's Total Volume Sold, targeting their "Heartland" and Non-Heartland area. I'm proud of this campaign because we didn't play it safe and the judges deemed our campaign "ballsy."

Insight:  People are tired of try-hard, pretentious lifestyle brands. 

Solution: In a stuffy world, Snapple reminds people to not take themselves too seriously and that it's here to remind the world to snap out of it. 

Art Directors: Lucas Simes, Nathan Flores, Gracy Chuyi Xiong, Bryan Casallo

Copywriters: Daniel Stillman, Lauren Wolf, Lauren Kimak, Daniel Heiberger