Challenge: Rebrand student musician Maddy Marsan and spread the word about her new album in the Champaign-Urbana area through social media. 

Insight: Folk and classical music have yet to be combined in music.

Solution: The two worlds of folks and classical music collide make something beautifully unexpected and that's what Maddy's Marsan's music is.


  • 253% increase in Facebook page views

  • 213% increase in Facebook page likes

  • 3,755% increase in Facebook video views

  • Over 14,000 Facebook impressions

  • 177% increase in Facebook post engagements


Account Executive: Alex Studer

Art Directors: Nathan Flores, Anissa Vasquez, Bryan Casallo 

Copywriter: Daniel Stillman 

Strategists: Daniel Stillman and Alex Studer

Research: Nicolette Highland


Rebranding: Name & Logo





Social Media Copy