The Life of P̶a̶b̶l̶o̶ Diego


The Life of Diego Began When...

I walked out within 1 hour of the first day of training to be a news reporter for The Daily Illini. Writing about the Illinois budget crises sounded really boring.  A few months later I became a writer for the campus satirical newspaper, The Black Sheep. Daniel Stillman was no longer, as I became the snarky, but sharp Diego Manischewitz.  After just four months, I was promoted to Chief Campus Editor as a freshman and I served as editor until I graduated. I even stuck around for 9 more months and wrote headlines for the National Instagram account.


- 1 million page views on articles, the first and only writer in company history to accomplish it

- 400% increase in weekly page views

- Longest tenure editor in company history

- Led the paper to become the #1 most read version of The Black Sheep in America  

- Received dozens of mean comments on my articles